Show Notes
01:49 What people start doing this time of years
02:10 Why you need both goals and systems
02:47 How traditional goal setting is handled
03:01 James Clear's thought on systems
03:31 How a workout plan can be systemized
04:07 Podcast 26 "Exercise Naturally"  Click Here to Watch or Listen
04:28 The example of weight loss
05:29 The system of tracking your food intake
06:05 The Lose it App  CLICK HERE
07:20 Intermittent Fasting
08:30 What happens when your situation changes
10:13 The importance of where you want to be in your life
10:58 Not getting overwhelmed
11:13 Podcast Episode #4 "4 Ways Steps to Reach Your Health Goals"  Click Here to Watch or Listen
12:15 Kirsti's goals for 2022 
13:05 Prayer Journal from Val Marie Paper Click Here
14:06 John's goals for 2022
15:27 Podcast 24 "Supporting Good Sleep Naturally"  Watch or Listen Here
Podcast 25 "Self Sleep Study" Click Here to Watch Or Listen
16:17 Focusing on the results of your efforts
17:16 Setting Up Evaluation Points in your system
18:07 Pick 1 thing and go for it!
18:32 Get accountability 

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