Show Notes
1:50 The long list of benefits of exercising
3:10 Doing life better with exercising
4:05 How exercise makes you feel better about yourself
5:04 What kind of exercise should you do?
5:41 How exercise changes during stages of life
7:56 How you can make your exercise routine better
8:35 The Pre-Workout Routine
9:03 Ningxia Red
11:38 What to do during your workout to replenish amino acids
11:57 AminoWise
14:17 How a drop of Peppermint essential oil can help your workout
15:07 Post-Workout recovery
15:22 The importance of protein
16:07 Beware of cheap protein products
16:30 The "Dreamsicle" protein smoothie
16:56 What to do if you don't currently work out
19:41 Podcast Episode 4 "4 Easy Steps to Reach Your health Goals" CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR LISTEN

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