Show Notes
01:38 Different kinds of sleep
01:52 What is sleep?
03:16 What happens while we sleep?
03:56 The benefits of sleep
05:15 How much sleep do we need?
07:01 temperature plays a part
08:02 Sleep when you are sick
9:09 Stages of sleep
11:38 Going to bed at the same time every day
13:00 How blue light affects Melatonin
14:20 Milk and Cookies at bedtime?
16:37 Lavender essential oil
17:05 Peace and Calming essential oil
17:33 Peace and Calming/Cedarwood/Roman Chamomile diffuser recipe
18:55 White noise generator or fan
21:04 Sleep Apnea
22:39 Sleep Essence
22:49 Immunpro
23:27 CBD Calm

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