Show Notes:
01:20 Do you remember what you got for Christmas last year?
03:22The importance of a healthy gift
05:28 Why Essential Oils as gifts?
05:48 Podcast #43 "Stress Less and Live More" Click to watch or listen 
07:00 Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend
08:14 Harmony Essential Oil Blend
08:40 Inner Child Essential Oil Blend
09:16 Winter Collection of Simplified by Jacob and Kate Young 
09:50 Candy Cane Essential Oil Blend 
09:58 Winter Spa Essential Oil Blend
10:08 Pink Champagne Essential Oil Blend
10:48 Freedom Sleep Collection 
10:49 Freedom Release Collection
11:15 Freedom Essential Oil Blend
11:40 Joy Essential Oil Blend
12:07 Aroma Sleep Essential Oil Blend
12:17 Inner Harmony Essential Oil Blend 
13:00 Sleep Aids 
14:07 Podcast #24 "Supporting Good Sleep Naturally" Click to Watch or Listen 
14:39 Raindrop Collection 
14:45 Podcast #67 "The Raindrop" Click to Watch or Listen
15:53 Podcast #68 "The Mini Raindrop" Click to Watch or Listen
16:12 Hope Essential Oil Blend
17:09 Believe Essential Oil Blend
18:05 Don’t Stress Out Podcast
19:00 Multi-Greens
20:16 Clean Cleaning 
20:25 Thieves Loyalty Bundle 
21:13 Easy Breeze Showering Steamers 
21:42 Calming Lavender Bath Bombs
22:17 Lavender Essential Oil 
22:23 CBD Calm Roll On
22:49 Frankincense Essential Oil 
22:50 Myrrh Essential Oil
22:51 Goldenrod Essential Oil 
23:00 Oils of Scripture Collection 
23:45 Deep Relief Essential Oil Blend
23:46 Cool Azul Pain Cream
23:47 PanAway Essential Oil Blend
24:00 Awaken Essential Oil Blend
24:04 Dream Catcher Essential Oil Blend
24:16 ART Skincare 
24:25 BALANCE Skincare

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