Show Notes
01:40 Presentation on Dealing with Stress (Watch Full 1 Hour Class Here)
02:04 Why we need stress?
02:24 The issues of our daughters
03:04 How essential oils played into the discovery 
03:44 Entering the Stress-Free zone
04:19 How we take stress to the next level
05:18 Questions to help you evaluate your stress level
06:05 How Kristi discovered how to stress less and live more
09:57 What is the dominant negative emotion
11:25 The mind & body connection
12:49 Resources Kristi used to discover her freedom
13:31 The essential oils and emotions connection
14:20 The Seed to Seal Promise
15:35 How to Use essential Oils
16:04 "The Feelings Collection"  CLICK HERE TO ORDER
20:05 The Prayer of Transformation
21:20 How unresolved stress will cause problems
22:26 Several choices on how to move forward
22:55 The Feelings Collection and Emotional Release Program
24:05 The after purchase support follow-up call

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