Show Notes
02:58 "I didn't Sleep Well at Night"
03:17 Podcast # 24 "Supporting Sleep Naturally" CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR LISTEN 
03:20 Podcast # 25 "Self Sleep Study"" CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR LISTEN
08:10 SleepEssence, ImmuPro, CBD Calm
08:40 Worry
09:30 "I Love Kale" & "I Love my Electric Car"
10:52 Natural Lifestyle
11:28 Distilled Water
13:45 "I'm Tired, I Need More Energy"
15:50 "I Don't Like Getting Old"
16:23 Celebrate Age
17:36 Genesis Hand Lotion
18:10 "This Room Stinks"
19:00 Diffusing Essential Oils
19:50 Podcast Episode#5 "Diffusing Essential Oils" CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR LISTEN

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