Show Notes:
01:47 What is a Swiss army knife?
03:29 What oil is a “Swiss army knife?” 
03:55 Situations in which Lavender helped support the skin.
06:43 The difference between Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil and generic store brands.  
08:39 The relaxing power of Lavender
09:45 Using Lavender Essential Oil for sleep!
10:32 Using Lavender to help with irritated eyes. 
11:55 Using Lavender to help with mouth pain. 
12:33 Emotions that Lavender helps with.
12:55 Body systems that Lavender supports. 
13:18 Where to apply Lavender for prayer.
13:45 Unwinder Diffuser Recipe
14:15 Spirit Lifter Diffuser Recipe
14:15 Spearmint Essential Oil 
14:27 Diffuser Recipe for Sleep. 
14:45 Using Lavender Vitality Essential Oil in drinks. 
15:44 Orange Cardamom Latte Recipe 
16:16 Face Serum Recipe 

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