Show Notes:
01:43 Healthy Hot Drinks
02:05 Why Switch to Organic Coffee
04:21 Fun Flavor Bursts for Drinks
04:47 Cardamom and Orange Hot Drink Recipe 
05:50 Benefits of Cardamom 
06:57 Benefits of Orange Essential Oil
07:11 Lavender Latte Recipe
07:27 Toothpick Swirl Method 
07:55 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil
08:35 Drink Recipes with Bergamot Essential Oil
09:27 Uses for Cinnamon Bark 
09:36 Benefits of Bergamot Essential Oil
09:55 Citrus Fresh Benefits 
10:11 Drink Recipes with Peppermint Essential Oil  
10:44 Benefits of Peppermint 
11:55 What to Put Your Hot Drinks In
12:11 Vitality Oils for Drinks 
12:48 Chai Spice Mix Recipe
13:50 Drink Recipes that Use the Chai Spice Mix

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