Show Notes
Show Notes:
02:51 Podcast Episode #50 "Celebrating Well" CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR LISTEN 
02:40 Afternoon Energizer
05:40 Fresh Paloma
07:05 Simple Mocktail
08:40 Lime Mule
08:53 NingXia Red Benefits
09:11 Simple NingXia Red Drink
09:41 Local Healthy Mocktail Events
10:23 NingXia Red Benefits
10:32 "NingXia Wolfberry: The Ultimate Superfood" Book
13:18 NingXia Starter Bundle - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE
14:00 Great Starting Place
14:46 Mocktail Recipes Click to Download: Healthy_Mocktails.pdf
15:00 Share with Others

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