Show Notes:
01:40 What you need right now 
02:45 How emotions can impact our body
04:00 How we react to pain 
05:18 How stress impacts us 
05:40 Ways to identify stress
05:56 Podcast Episode #102 "Trauma and Trouble And Greif - Oh my!" CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR LISTEN
06:14 Tool Kristi uses everyday
07:37: Four ways to look up what oils you need and how to use it
07:45 How to use the look up 
08:00 Example on how to use the look up with the emotion anger
09:35 What are body alarm points?
10:10 Why we need to learn how to get a clear direction
11:30 How we know that the body holds feelings and memories
12:50 Studies about our brain releases trauma through the sense of smell
14:05 Example of an oil look up with Believe Essential oil blend
15:22 Example of a look up with a specific body part 
17:15 Example of a look up with a specific feeling
18:54 Prayer of Transformation  
19:40 What to do if you don’t have access to the look up