Show Notes:

Show Notes:
01:50 What is trauma 
02:17 Dictionary definition of trauma
03:22 Small traumas
03:45 Example of a small trauma for Kristi
05:58 Kristi’s Trauma with Childbirth
06:50 What PTSD includes
07:30 Example of trauma from fire
10:13 Examples of big and small traumas 
11:23 How these essential oils help our emotions
12:15 How essential oils helped John release tension
12:44 How to use Trauma Life essential oil in prayer
13:19 Example of using oils after a car accident
15:07 Prayer and its impact on trauma
16:27 The importance of forgiveness
20:12 Story about the SARA Essential Oil Blend
23:55 Trauma-Trouble-Grief-handout.pdf (click to download)