Show Notes
02:06 Respiratory System Description
02:40 Mouth Breathing vs. Nose Breathing
04:34 Continued Respiratory System Description
06:00 Swallowing and Separation
06:56 Inspiration and Expiration
07:35 Muscle Decline and Deep Breaths
09:00 The Importance and Advantages of Deep Breaths
10:50 Lungs and Waste
11:50 Respiratory System and Digestion System Connection
12:36 Podcast #44 "What's Your Gut Feeling?" LISTEN OR WATCH HERE
13:30 Benefits of Using Essential Oils for Respiratory Wellness
14:15 Water and the Respiratory System
15:56 Switching Out Essential Oils for Lung Wellness
15:04 Raven
16:35 Essential Oil Diffusing and Application
19:54 Take Deep Breaths Every Day

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