Show Notes
01:40 The digestive system of the body
03:20 What happens when you don't pay attention to your gut
03:57 How Kristi was feeling tired for 20 years
04:55 What happened when Kristi stumbled onto the meat and vegetable diet?
05:56 What happened when Kristi started adding other foods back into her diet?
06:32 John's tired in the morning story after a full night sleep
07:32 What to try when you are having significant stomach problems
07:56 JJ Virgin Book, "The Virgin Diet" - CLICK HERE
09:22 Purpose of the digestive system
10:53 Suggestions for a happy gut
12:17 Eating for entertainment
13:45 Digestive enzymes - Allerzyme and Essentialzyme
14:00 Probiotics like Life 9
14:22 Gluten sensitivity test by mail : CLICK HERE
15:37 What solutions Kristi used
22:43 Aromaease

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