Show Notes
00:58 Podcast #33 "Having A Healthy Spirit - Part 1"  Watch or Listen Here
02:01 Relationships with others
02:45 How does the spirit work with relationships with other people
03:11 The importance of forgiveness
03:42 Seeing the gifts in other people
04:07 Essential oils that help with relationships with others
04:25 White Angelica
05:57 Palo Santo
06:29 When we can't fully resolve a relationship
07:25 Relationship with God
08:37 When you think you have done too much wrong in your past
10:08 Ways to improve your spiritual relationship with God
12:17  Podcasts #13/14 "Oils of the Ancient Scriptures - Part 1" - Watch or Listen Here
13:48 Being well with your soul

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