Show Notes
01:40 The 3-legged stoool of the show
01:50 What is your spirit?
02:10 God and the spirit
02:54 The relationship of the spirit to other things
03:35 How we can have a healthy spirit
03:55 What happens when your spititual life is in order?
05:05 The difference between the spirit and the mind
05:40 When a healthy spirit is at peace
06:19 What a disstressed spirit looks like
06:47 How do we make our relationship with the spirit healthy?
08:02 Podcast #2 "Emotions and Essential Oils" - Watch or Listen Here 
09:37 How grace plays into it
10:30 How to get your relationship with self more centered
10:51 Essential Oils that can help with this
11:25 How oxygen can play into the equation
12:07 Forgiving yourself
14:02 Using Valor and Forgiveness oils together
14:20 Podcasts #13/14 "Oils of the Ancient Scriptures - Part 1" - Watch or Listen Here:
15:33 Things we can do to improve our relationship with ourselves

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