Show Notes
02:15 Why Kristi loves this topic
03:11  Podcast Episode #9: "When Your Wellness Fails"
03:29 The most important thing to do immediately
04:02 Podcast Episode #29: "Its Time for  Thieves"  
04:43 Click to Download: Be a Wellness First Responder.pdf
05:02 The importance of water as a first response
06:14 VIDEO: "What's  In Your Tap Water?"
07:11 What essential oil you should use right away
08:01 Basics- Peppermint, Lavender, Valor, Digize, Thieves
09:03 The immune system of plants
09:49 Ningxia Red - quick response
10:20 What emotionally is going on?
10:48 How stress depletes our immune system
11:22 Podcast Episode 2 ; "Emotions and Essential Oils" 
12:36 The importance of rest
13:27 How to get help with rest
13:50 The importance of prayer
15:20 The right way to eat during a health crisis
16:40 Supplements that can help
17:10 Inner Defense capsule
17:50 The Raindrop Technique - 9 essential oils designed to boost immunity

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