Show Notes
01:03  Reminder about subscribing
02:27  What are essential oils?
02:56  How floral water is used by others
03:38 Why plants are vital for our lives
05:10 Essential oils as substitutes for other non-natural things
06:02 Why drug companies don't sell or use essential oils
06:40 Resins made into oils
07:09 Simple and natural reasons to use essential oils
07:50 What to do when no bottle left in the bottle
09:59 How oil quality sets different companies apart
11:16 Solvents in some essential oils - Visit Kristi's Site:
12:02 Finding out what to use (Click Here to connect with us)
12:46 The Seed to Seal promise
14:15  Portability and the "On The Go" oils kit
15:19 Emotions and Essential Oils (Click for Episode)
16:45 Constituents in essential oils
18:01 John's morning Ningxia Red routine
19:11 How essential oils have changed Kristi's life
21:35 How to get started with kits (Click Here to connect with us)
22:06 4 Easy ways to Set Health Goals (Click for Episode)
22:36 When Your Wellness Fails (Click for Episode)
23::58 Supporting Your Respiratory System (Click for Episode)