Show Notes
01:30  What Kristi loves about gardening
02:32  Why it is important to have a healthy garden
02:50  Definition of Organic
03:39  Planning a healthy garden
04:01 Square Foot Gardening Book  (Book on Amazon)
04:40 Square Foot Garden concept
06:20 Dealing with depleted soil
06:35 Growing what you want to grow
07:31 What materials you need for a healthy garden
08:24 Planning on when to plant
10:30 Dealing with animals
11:12 How to pick seed
12:00 Different types of soils
13:07 Key points of planting
14:30 What not to grow as a new gardener
15:10  What to grow if you want quick results
16:05 Tending the garden
16:50 Healthy tending tips
17:30 Essential Oils Spray Recipe (Click to Download)  GardeningEOrecipes.pdf
19:02 Why you should embrace organic gardening
20:10 Sunflower story
21:30 Harvest time
22:15 Prepping fruit and Veggies
23::30 Watch the Gardening with Essential Oils Class replay (free registration) (Click to Access)