Show Notes
01:11 Intro to the Reproductive System
02:03 What is the Reproductive System
03:50 Parts of the Reproductive System
04:49 Females and Eggs
06:25 The Process of the Reproductive System
07:28 Right things at the Right Time
08:30 Natural Fertility Wellness
08:54 Connect Between Health of Parent and Health of Child
13:25 Pregnancy and Wellness
13:55 Pregnancy and Medications
13:36 Pregnancy and Essential Oils
16:55 Clary Sage Essential Oil Cautions with Pregnancy
17:18 Essential Oil Cautions with Pregnancy
17:55 Peppermint Essential Oil and Pregnancy
19:14 Naturally Planning Pregnancy (Naprotechnology)
21:18 The Reproductive System in the Later Years
24:00 Lucy Libido
24:49 Proactive vs. Reactive

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