Show Notes
01:58 Defining the musculoskeletal system
02:40 Podcast 39: "Get Off My Nerves" (Watch or Listen HERE)
03:23 Things that can go wrong in the  musculoskeletal system
03:43 The structure of the system
05:20 The bone marrow and how it supports the system
06:31 The common problems and injuries
06:59 Difference between a strain and a broken bone
06:30 The "itises"
07:59 The body aims for balance
09:38 Ways to support the system  
10:43 Taking a bath with Epsom salts
11:08 Hot and cold packs
12:15 The role of chiropractic
12:50 The Raindrop Technique
14:13 Agilease
15:35 Sulfurzyme    
16:10 AminoWise
18:22 Powergize

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