Show Notes
01:36 Definition of the body
02:05 The major body systems
03:08 What the body is made up of
04:24 The 4 types of tissues in the body
05:50 The Marathon story
08:29 The inspiration piece of the marathon
09:04 The training plan Galloway Walk/Run Method Book
11:01 Food that supports the marathon runner
13:02 AminoWise - that replenishes amino acids
13:45 Good healthy body change takes time
14:01 What area in your body would give you the most satisfaction if changed?
14:31 First step is the decision
14:51 Second step is find a plan (connect call)
16:03 Step three is work the plan
16:26 The importance of other people
16:35 Mel Robbins marathon story
18:10 Essential oils for Emotions 
18:20 Envision essential oil
18:40 Transformation essential oil
19:21 Into The Future essential oil
20:39 Supplements: AminoWise and Agilease
21:03 Cool Azul pain cream
21:38 CBD Muscle Rub
22:11 What area of your body would help you improve and why?

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