Show Notes
1:38 Reference to Episode #20 - Why Care About Skin Care CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR LISTEN
2:03 Free .pdf download: List-of-Ingredients-to-avoid.pdf
2:30 What was YL Beauty School all about?
4:56 The important organ of the body - Skin
6:40 - Episode #7 - Good Health at the Cellular Level CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR LISTEN
7:02  Skin care tips
10:54 Establishing good routines
12:21  Importance of toning
13:08 The restoration of your body through sleep
13:39 A good place to start by replacing your products
14:25 Importance of oral care
15:58 Highlights from YL Beauty school and how you can attend
16:35 Check out class schedule and spa nights at