Show Notes
01:16  How a situation of another person can affect our situation
01:55 What are the situations of one taking care of another
03:49 Being an advocate for someone when you are not the expert
04:30 Your unique perspective
05:06 The basics of Look, Listen & Discern
06:58 What you can do when someone seems in trouble
08:55 Being the second set of ears and eyes
10:50 The chicken noodle soup story
11:10 How when you are sick your emotions are low
12:48 What to do when someone visits a healthcare professional
14:40 Advocating at the doctor's office
15:57 Tips for long-term care
17:58 Expectations for the arrangement
18:20 Getting additional help
18:58 The importance of caring for yourself first
20:49 The benefits of caring for others