Show Notes:
02:00 The importance of having a quiet time
03:30 How much quiet time should you have?
04:25 Things to think about in your quiet time
05:00 Importance of Humility 
06:25 What to do during quiet time
08:10 Reflection on any challenging situations
08:40 Importance of Forgiveness
10:20 Reach out for forgiveness resources! 
11:15 Explanation of all the Oils of Ancient Scripture Collection
13:50 Podcast Episode #13 "Oils of Ancient Scripture Collection"
14:10 How to use these oils
15:50 Other ideas for the mind during quiet time
16:30 What to do during quiet time for your body
17:43 Podcast #16 "Natural Self Care" CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR LISTEN

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The Oils Of The Ancient Scripture Collection