Show Notes:
02:20 Income Disclosure Statement Download - Young Living U.S. Annual Income Disclosure Statement.pdf
03:40 How to be paid with Young Living
04:30 Young Living's Operational "Seed to Seal Promise" CLICK HERE FOR INFO
04:50 Decide how much you want to be involved
05:15 Kristi’s Beginning with Young Living
06:45 What a Brand Partner is 
07:15 Become a Brand Partner 
08:41 Two Ways to be Paid by Young Living
08:45 Sharing to make money 
09:20 Fast Start Bonus
10:52 Qualifications to be a Brand Partner
11:40 The Four Ranks of Brand Partners 
12:30 Example of how a new Brand Partner gets paid 
13:00 Commissions the first 3 months on New Customers for Brand Partners
13:50 Commissions starting at the 4th month and on for New Customers for Brand Partners
18:32 The Starter Bundle Bonus 
20:40 The importance of Sharing 
22:30 Reach Out to Us with Questions!

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