Show Notes
1:40 What technically is your gut?
2:18 The term "Your Second Brain"
3:06 Common problems associated with an unhealthy gut
4:20 How worry can affect your gut
5:34 The importance of prayer
6:08 Simple go-to for gut health
6:59 The importance of eating organic
7:48 Different aspects of the stomach
8:20 How water plays into gut health
9:19 The drop of peppermint trick
10:01 The drop of Digize tip
10:48 Cousin Mary's experience with Peppermint water
12:04 The importance of probiotics and "good bacteria"
14:02 A word of caution about essential oils
15:17 What about cleanses for the gut?
16:50 Resting your digestive system
17:30 Plan your food
18:10 ICP Daily and how it is used