Show Notes
02:05 Morning Routine
02:15 Water with Lemon Essential Oil
04:26 Workout Routine and Aminowise
04:35 Podcast episode # 26 "Exercise Naturally"  CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR LISTEN
08:15 Shutran™ 3-In-1 Men's Wash 
08:25 Valor Moisturizing Soap & Sacred Mountain Soap
09:09 Northern Lights Black Spruce, Idaho Grand Fir
12:21 Dentist Story
13:45 Kristi's Essential Oils to Support Personal Wellness: Progessence Plus Serum, Valor Essential Oil, Copaiba Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil
14:32 Workout & Valor
14:44 Breakfast & Supplements
15:00 John's Supplements: OmegaGize³, Super Cal Plus, AgilEase, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Powergize, Cardiogize, Prostate Health
17:14 Work and Diffusers
18:35 Podcast Episode #5 "All About Diffusing" CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR LISTEN
19:05 Coffee Recipe (Maple Syrup, Orange Essential Oil, Cardamom, Milk of your choice)
19:50 Water Distillers
20:25 Lunch Routine (Organic Food)
20:50 Afternoon Boost
21:15 NingXia Red Zing
21:42 NingXia Red Nitro
21:55 NingXia Red Drink Recipe (NingXia Red Zing & a drop of Orange Essential Oil-add Aminowise if desired)
22:26 Water and Essential Oil of your Choice
22:48 Dinner (Organic) & Adding Essential Oil (Cilantro Essential Oil & Oregano Essential Oil)
23:30 Toothpick Method
24:29 Dryer Balls & Laundry
25:00 Bedtime Routine

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