Show Notes
1:40 Definition of What the Mind is?
2:17 Lock and Key Analogy
3:03 Cleaning Up You Mental Mess - Dr. Caroline Leaf  
3:15 Relationship of mind and brain
4:16 The different "types" of the mind
5:46 The brain as a responder
7:17 How many thoughts the mind is made up of
8:03 How thoughts look like trees in the mind
9:57 How to nurture a great mind
12:08 What is a healthy mind?
13:38 What is a stressed mind?
15:20 What we should think about?
16:57 Thinking Moments
17:55 NeruoCycle
19:30 Supplements that can help: Mindwise, Brain Power, Lemon Essential Oil, Peppermint
22:05 Being careful of what we bring into our mind

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